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0: Fear of Warping

In this, the first episode of Weavecast, we meet the host of WeaveCast, Syne Mitchell, discuss why the world needs a weaving podcast, decribe the format and content of future episodes, and address a concern of weavers everywhere: Fear of Warping. Read more >>

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1: Teaching Others

This month we talk about the joys and practice of teaching others to weave. Joining us is Judith Mackenzie, an amazing weaver and educator. I describe a swatch using many different types of yarn in the warp, share a cautionary tale for pregnant weavers, and relate a heart-warming story of my own experiences in teaching weaving. Read more >>

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1.5: Weaving for Knitters

This special episode of WeaveCast is for knitters and other prospective weavers who'd like to know more about the craft. Included are the top ten reasons knitters should try weaving, an audio loom tour, information about the different types of looms, and pointers to resources that can help you get weaving. Read more >>

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2: Painted Warps

The April Fool's episode. I introduce the virtual WeaveCast guild, discuss a painted-warp sample swatch, interview talented fiber artist Mollie Freeman, play the soon to be classic hit "Painted Warp" as performed by Dave of Chub Creek, describe a shearing gone hilariously awry, and air a Canadian folk song performed by the group Straw Into Gold, founded by Nandine Saunders, The Singing Weaver. All the great weaving content you crave, with just a touch of whimsey... Read more >>

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3: Weaving Mettle

Learn about the challenges and rewards of weaving with wire and strips of metal. Our guest is Arlene Fisch, a prominent jeweler who applies textile processes to metals with spectacular results. I'll describe a swatch I made by weaving wire, and we'll tie things up with an audio essay about forging on in the face of adversity. Read more >>

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4: Weaving Community

Discuss tapestries and symbolism with Mary Zicafoose, whose powerful, graphical tapestries have been displayed all over the world, hear an audio essay about warping a Navajo loom from talented Texas weaver Marni Harang, and finally, contemplate handweaving community. Read more >>

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5: Inklings

We discuss small portable looms just in time for summer travel: inkle looms with Robyn Spady and a review of the new Ashford Knitter's loom. And, in these dog days of summer, the audio essay "Dog Warps." Read more >>

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5.5: BSG Confidential

Come with me to Black Sheep Gathering, a fiber festival held every year in Eugene, Oregon. In this "reality podcast" we'll take you behind the scenes: experience (second-hand) the overwhelming cast of vendors and their tempting wares, ogle adorable lambs and cashmere goats, take interesting classes, camp and spin with fun people, and best of all: chat with weaving veteran Russell Groff. He regals us with stories from his fifty-seven years as a weaver and as a partner in Robin and Russ Handweaving, a weaving store (mecca!) in McMinnville, Oregon for many years. Read more >>

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6: Double-Decker Weaving

This episode we tackle one of my favorite weaving structures: Doubleweave. We talk to talented weaver, Jennifer Moore, about her career specializing in doubleweave pick-up. I describe weaving double-width woolen fabric for a vest. In keeping with a double-themed show, we have a second interview: Miranda Hofmann, managing partner of Lakeside Fibers, a weaving supplies shop in Madison, Wisconsin talks about her store and weaving groups in Wisconsin.

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7: Timely Weaving

Finding time to do the things we love is often a challenge. Join us on an exploration of how to do exactly that: we speak with Jane Patrick, author of Time to Weave, a book filled with easy and quick weaving projects that can be done in mere hours, not days; listen to a loom's lament, and brainstorm ways to get more weaving done. Other highlights: a tribute to Ralph Griswold, dryer balls, blantant bribes, and pleas for help with the upcoming Halloween episode.


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8: First Warp's Free

Ever wonder how your donation dollars are spent? What Syne would do if the tables were turned and she was interviewed? How to get kids hooked on weaving? Why am I wearing a medival gown in public?

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9: Monster Wefts

Join us for an ever-so-spooky Halloween WeaveCast. Listeners tell us their tips for sleying a reed and share weaving horror stories. I interview talented weaver Bonnie Tarses about "easy ikat" and "horoscope weaving." The Green-Room Players (plus Bruce!) bring you Buffy, the Reed Sleyer (with apologies to Joss Whedon). Then we end it all with "Monster Wefts" a blood-curdling tale of weaving mayhem.

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10: What's A Madder You?

This episode we hear more listener stories, chat with talented Canadian weaver, Laura Fry, review her book Magic in the Water, enjoy good and humorous music, then I relate my misadventures harvesting madder. See the picture? That's the total harvest after four years of cultivation.

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11: Fine Threads

This episode we have stories of fine threads: some threads are gossamer-fine, like those used by amazing weaver Lillian Whipple who works in silk finer than most of us can see, others are made fine and meaningful by their stories and the fact they were collected from all over the globe to be woven into a project to heal the planet. Read more >>

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12: Weaving Resolutions

Ring in the new year with an interview with amazing weaver and fiber artist Anita Luvera Mayer! She talks about her art garments, the artist's life, and much, much more. Sharon Schulze shares a "Swatch of the Day" in which she describes the rewards of taking on an ambitious project as a relatively new weaver. I share my weaving resolutions for 2007, and invite you to share yours. Read more >>

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13: Weaving Shibori

WeaveCast is one year old! Help us celebrate. We'll discuss woven shibori with Catharine Ellis, review her book, Woven Shibori, describe a swatch of the day, share listener comments, then end things up with a review of how WeaveCast has grown over the past year, and what's to come in 2007.

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14: Rigid-Heddle Weaving

Discover just how much you can do with the humble rigid-heddle loom! Our guest, Betty Linn Davenport, shares her techniques for taking the rigid-heddle loom to new heights. We review the new "Flip" folding rigid-heddle loom from Schacht, as well as Betty Davenport's book, Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving , answer a listener question about setts for knitting yarns, I share great news from this past week, and we get an update on the "Teach a Friend to Weave" contest.

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15: Certificate of Excellence

This episode we take a behind-the-scenes look at the Certificate of Excellence, a self-study program developed and administered by the Handweaver’s Guild of America. We talk to Sandra Swarbrick, a past president of HGA about the origins of the COE. Then relate the story of the recent 2006 COE examination in handweaving from the point of view of an examiner, a scribe, and Level I and Level II applicants.

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16: Weaving Teachers

This episode we celebrate the weaving teacher, those wonderful people who share their talents and knowledge with the rest of us. We have the results of the Teach a Friend to Weave contest, tell some of your stories, take a tour of The Weavers’ School on Whidbey Island, and talk to talented teachers
Madelyn van der Hoogt and Peggy Osterkamp.

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17: Weaving Periodicals

This episode is all about those wonderful weaving periodicals that inspire and delight us. We talk to Madelyn Van Der Hoogt of Handwoven, Jean Scorgie of Weaver’s Craft, and Tina Ignell of Vävmagasinet. We discuss a summer reading list of fiction books that feature weavers, ask for your thoughts about an online weaving magazine, and finally, I share the details of my torrid summer love affair.

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18: Weaving Electronics

This episode, we explore the synthesis of handweaving and electronics. We’ll review an automated pirn winder designed by John Stegmuller, talk with Laura MacCary, an innovative weaver who weaves electronic components that interact with the viewer. Finally, I’ll describe an unexpected lesson learned from weaving on a computer-controlled loom. Read more >>

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19: Weaving Traditions

This episode we’re talking about weaving traditions, both cultural and personal. We’ll hear from Viridiana Chavez in Oxaca, Mexico talk about Zapotec weaving traditions. Sigrid Piroch tells us about Annie Albers and the Bauhaus movemont, and shares her experiences with Sloviakian textile traditions. Rebekkah of Bowerbird Knits tells how weaving on a bead loom connected her to the tradition of man-made art. In the ending essay, we’ll discuss personal weaving traditions, and why sometimes, it’s good to break them.

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20: Scottish Weaving

This episode we explore the rich weaving traditions of Scotland. We journey to the John C. Campbell folk school during Scottish Heritage Week and meet two amazing weavers: Majorie Warren and Barbara Miller. Then we hear the thrilling story of the Kilbarchan project, a research initiative to preserve undocumented historical Scottish weaves. Finally, I share my experiences learning to weave tartans and tweeds.

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21: Generous Weaving

This episode we talk about the ways weavers are using their art to help others. We’ll hear the amazing story of the weaving program at Children’s Hospital in Seattle. I’ll share some thoughts about how twist affects winding a warp, and in today’s essay, Kate Jantz-Koprivnik tells the tale of a simple weaving project that turned into an eleven-day adventure.

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22: Knotted-Pile Weaving

Escape the dreary fall days with visions of brightly painted middle-eastern bazaars. This month we talk about weaving knotted pile rugs. The inspirational Sara Lamb talks about using color in weaving and her latest passion for knotted-pile weaving. We review an instructional video Cut-Pile Rug Weaving with Arlo Duker. In the swatch of the day, I describe learning pile weaving from Judith MacKenzie McCuin. And finally, the ending essay: Weaving fast; weaving slow.

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23: Alaskan Weaving

This episode, WeaveCast goes to Alaska! Come with me behind the scenes to meet the muskox at the Large Animal Research Facility in Fairbanks. Sandy Garbowski, muskox wrangler, tells us about these fascinating animals and how their Qiviut is harvested and processed. We visit A Weaver's Yarn, a weaving store in Fairbanks, Alaska. Then Della Chaney, a weaver of the Tlingit and Haida nations, shares her people’s traditions of weaving ceremonial hats and robes. Finally, we end up the episode, and 2007, with some weaving resolutions for the new year.

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24: Tapestry

Tapestry weaving breaks weaving out of the grid and enables the artist to create pictorial representations in swaths of touchable color. Sarah Swett helps us get our arms around this simple-yet-complex art form, and shares many of her secrets of success. In the final essay, I share lessons I've learned from my attempts to learn tapestry.

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25: Historical Weaving

When you think of weaving in colonial times, do you imagine a farm wife sitting by the fire, weaving on her home loom? Come learn the truth about weaving in early America from noted weaver and historian, Marje Thompson. Then we talk with Fireside Fiberarts a modern-day loom manufacturer who uses custom wood carvings to bring old-world charm to their looms. In the end essay, “Finishing Matters,” I talk about a little problem I’m having with my weaving, and the reason I envy eighteenth-century weavers.

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26: Sew Your Weaving

Do you dream of sewing beautifully fitted and custom garments out of your handwoven fabric? We talk to talented weaver and seamstress, Daryl Lancaster about the particular joys and challenges of sewing with handwoven fabric. In the end essay, "Uniquely Me" I describe my own tentative steps into the world of art-to-wear.

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27: Singing and Weaving

Nadine Sanders, "The Singing Weaver," tells us about the Theo Moorman technique, warping on a shoestring, and yes, she sings!. Ann Rubin of Afghans for Afghans invites weavers to help weave shawls for new mothers in Kabul. Ann Hills celebrates the weaving traditions of Pennsylvania in song.

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28: Designing Multishaft Drafts

This episode we welcome the innovative and talented Bonnie Inouye, a weaver who weaves on multishaft looms to create rich and organic textiles. We review her book “Exploring Multishaft Design.” Our audio essay this episode is from John Sandstrom, “A evening with Penelope.” We also get a report from a very special weaver.

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29: Spinning for Weaving

This episode we interview Judith MacKenzie McCuin about spinning for weaving, get an update on the Afghans for Afghans shawl project, learn about a new weaving currency, and I describe my own forays into weaving with my handspun.

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30: Converging Weavers

WeaveCast goes to Convergence 2008! Every two years the Handweaver's Guild of America puts on Convergence, a weaving conference that draws weavers from around the world. We bring you an audio glimpse of the Convergence experience, hear from many different weavers, and talk to loom manufacturers about a subject near and dear to all weaver's hearts: looms!

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31: Complicated Weavers

This episode WeaveCast goes to the Complex Weavers Seminar, which followed right after Convergence, we interview the enormously talented Peter Collingwood, and I talk about my post-Conference struggles with an affliction that strikes down many a weaver: Loom Lust.

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32: Confessions of a Double Weaver

This episode we catch up with Paul O’Connor, a weaver renowned for his double-weave textiles, I share the excitement of my new loom, and Laura Fry talks about overcoming weaving challenges.

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33: Interweavings

This episode we have the pleasure of chatting with Linda Ligon, the founder of Interweave Press, which publishes a host of magazines including Handwoven and Spin-Off, as well as many excellent books on weaving and the fiber arts. We pay tribute to Peter Collingwood. And Cally Booker shares her weaverly adventures in the end essay: "Fruit and Fiber.

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34: The Other Mary Black

This episode we focus on the tales of everyday weavers. We interview Mary Black, who learned to weave in the late 1940s, and talk about her life and Temari, we preview lots of new things for weavers online, and finish up with the audio essay, "Many Voices; Light Work" a new idea for the future of WeaveCast.

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35: Industrial Weaving

This episode we learn about weaving in industry. We talk to weaver and textile engineer Tom Beaudet about growing up in a New England mill town, and his career in mills that wove garment and industrial fabrics. I talk about the holidays and share my new year's resolutions, weaving and otherwise.

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36: Appalachian Weaving

This episode we chat with Pam Howard, the resident weaver at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. We talk about Appalachian weaving traditions, the history of the folk school, Pam's own weaving journey, and a bit of tablet weaving.

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37: Color Matters

This episode we talk with master colorist Kaffe Fassett and gain insight into how to combine colors in exciting and pleasing ways. I share news from the weaving world, talk a bit about the launch of the new WeaveZine site, and in closing, I take you out back to the barn, where the sheep are being sheared.

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38: Color and Design

This episode we speak with Cameron Taylor-Brown, a talented weaver and educator who loves to break down boundaries, whether it’s the innovative way she blends color and weave structure in her artwork, or how she gets students to collaborate in workshops. After that, we check in with the team behind Weavolution, a networking site for weavers that’s currently in development.

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39: Weave a Real Peace

This episode we journey to a meeting of Weave a Real Peace (WARP), a networking organization for folks working with indigenous weavers around the world to preserve traditional crafts and provide them a fair wage.  In additon, we hear from Janet Dawson, who shares a tale of weaving misadventure.

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40: Computers and Weaving

This episode we talk about all the ways we can use computers in our weaving, whether we’re weaving on a computer-assisted loom, designing new drafts on a computer, or simply using it to conne Read more >>

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41: Jacquard Weaving

This episode we talk with Alice Schlein, who is best known for her work on Network Drafting, but she is also an avid jacquard weaver.  Then we have a chat with Chris and Richard Jeryan, two weavers who restored a 19th century jacquard loom at The Henry Ford Museum.

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42: John Marshall

WeaveZine is back in the studio! I'm back from hiatus with new ideas for the show. We've got an interview with John Marshall, an expert on Japanese textiles and techniques, and cars play a surprisingly large part in this episode.

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43: Marilyn Robert

Ensemble member Jennifer Jordan brings us an interview with Marilyn Roberts, a talented fiber artist working with dyeing and surface design.  In addition to her art and teaching, Marilyn co-owns the Eugene Textile Center with Suzie Liles. 

Audio Recording and Editing: Jennifer Jordan

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44: Joanne Hall

Ensemble member Anna Zinsmeister interviews Joanne Hall about swedish looms and draw-loom weaving.  And Rose Meacher tells us the story of what the Weaver's Guild of Greater Baltimore is doing to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

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45: Michael Rohde

This episode, Anna Zinsmeister brings us another great interview!  This time with Michael Rohde, a wonderful rug-weaver and tapestry artist.  He tells wonderful stories from his weaving life. 

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47: Mary Louise Van Dyke

This episode Nancy Smith Kilkenny brings us a wonderful story of Mary Louise Van Dyke, and the paraments she wove for the Christ Episcopal Church in Oberlin, OH.  We also hear from Alision Ricker, the sacristan charged with conserving and preserving those paraments. Read more >>

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48: Rodrick Owen

 250 Patterns from Japan, Peru and BeyondThis episode we chat with Rodrick Owen about kumihimo and Peruvian braids.  If you're not familiar with kumihimo, it's a Japanese style of braiding that creates beautiful and strong braids.  The most common form of kumihimo is woven on a marudai, essentially a small round table with a hole in the center.  Read more >>

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49: Linda Hendrickson

This episode we chat with talented artist and teacher, Linda Hendrickson about tablet weaving and ply-split braiding, two off-loom ways to interlace threads in interesting patterns.  And with ply-split braiding you can even create three-dimensional vessels.

ISRC: QMTY91000049 Read more >>

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50: James Koehler

This week we chat with James Koehler, a tapestry artist who does amazing things with depth and color.  We talk about his work, spirituality and inspiration, and his upcoming gallery show that will be launched at Convergence.

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51: OSLoom

This episode we talk with Margarita Benitez about OSLoom, an open-source jacquard loom initiative.  She's looking to make jacquard weaving affordable by creating open-source plans that you can Read more >>

20:01 minutes (18.33 MB)

52: Kathie Roig

Nancy Smith Kilkenny interviews Kathie Roig, a weaver specializing in painted warp imagery and draw loom weaving.  I talk about the summer hiatus and when a weaver should use "the good st Read more >>

36:24 minutes (33.36 MB)

53: Polyester (with Holly Brackmann)

Polyester is cool, find out why.  We chat with Holly Brackmann, weaver and surface designer, about devoré and transfer printing with disperse dyes on man-made fibers. Read more >>

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54: Claudia Chase of Mirrix Looms

This episode our guest is Claudia Chase, the founder and owner of Mirrix Looms.  We talk about tapestry and bead weaving, and her journey with Mirrix.  We also discuss politics, what it's Read more >>

48:52 minutes (33.59 MB)

55: Jacey Boggs and John Acord

We've got two great interviews for you this episode: Jacey Boggs, the leader of the new art-yarn movement talks about creating wild and yet structurally sound yarns, and then John Acord of Flatwate Read more >>

44:58 minutes (61.78 MB)

56: Sarah Pilgrim

The bright and shiny new year is often a time for making resolutions.  Is one of yours to finally get serious about selling your weaving?  If so, I’ve got a treat for you.  Sar Read more >>

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