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Painted-Skein Warps: Bonus Content

In the Painted-Skein Warps article I mentioned there was a way to wind a warp on a warping board that works with any painted skein, regardless of whether or not it is a palindrome skein. 

The trick is not to turn around at the bottom peg. 

Instead, create a path on the board that is a loop.  You will have to cut the warp when you take it off the warping board to open up the loop.  See below for the illustrated step-by-step.

Step 1: Find a circular path on the warping board that is an exact multiple of the painted skein's circumference.  This may take some experimentation and ingenuity.

Step 2: Wind your warp, being sure to build the cross every time you pass that point in the warp.

Winding the warp

(Note: I've turned my warping board on its side to get everything to fit in the picture. Normally the closely spaced pegs would be on the left and right, and the widely spaced pegs on the top and bottom.)

Step 3: Cut the warp at the head of the circle, a short distance in front of the cross.

Cutting the warp

Viola!  A painted-warp-like effect from a painted skein, with minimal fuss.  Yes, your warp is a group of cut threads, but really, isn’t that what every warp eventually becomes?  The only downside is for weavers who warp back-to-front, they will have to tie onto the back beam instead of just slipping the apron rod through the loops.