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Valentine Bikini

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This project uses a hand-held frame loom to create diamonds that are assembled into form-fitting lingerie.

It's a quick, fun weave for fiber artists who are a bit daring, or who weave for those who are.

Too bad I wasn't a weaver back when I could have woven this for myself, but if you’re young and frisky this is a quick project for your Valentine!

The bra fits B-C cup sizes, and the thong is fully adjustable. 



Valentine Bra

Valentine Bra



  • Lion Brand "Jiffy" in White, 42 yards each for the body of the bra and thong (84 yards total to make both).

  • Canon "Simply Soft" in Red for the accent edging. I used less than one skein for the entire project.

(Note: You can substitute any worsted- or light-bulky-weight yarn for the yarns above.)


Weaving the Cloth

Diamond-shaped frame looms are woven in the same manner as a square loom. For step-by-step details on how to weave with a frame loom, see the Christmas Stockings article.

seaming diagramWeave six diamonds in your main yarn.

These will be seamed together to create the cups of the bra, three diamonds per side.

To create a bra cup, sew two diamonds together along one edge. Then sew a third diamond into the 'V' formed by the first two diamonds.

This is illustrated in the picture to the left.

Weave in all the loose ends.

When you are done, the bra cups should look as shown below.

Starting at a bottom corner, crochet with the accent yarn around the two vertical sides of the first cup using the reverse single crochet stitch. You will be working the accent yarn through the loops in the woven fabric that once went around the nails of the frame loom.

[Editor's Note: the crochet terminology used in this article follows the U.S. conventions.]

Repeat around the vertical sides of the second bra cup.

Starting at the bottom right corner with the accent yarn, single crochet across the bottom of the first bra cup to the last three loops of the woven fabric.

Now it is time to attach the two bra cups together in the center. We want to do this with a strong join. Push the crochet hook through the last three loops of the woven fabric on the first bra cup and also through the first three loops of woven fabric in the second bra cup. Using the hook, pull a loop of the accent yarn through all six loops currently on the crochet hook and pull tightly to join the two bra cups.

Single-crochet (sc) the rest of the way across the bottom of the second bra cup. Chain (ch) 1, turn.

Sc back across the bottom of the second bra cup to the last 2 sc. Now we will again reinforce the center point where the two cups join. Push the crochet hook through the last two sc of the current bra cup and through the first two sc of next cup, pull a loop of the accent yarn through all the loops currently on the crochet hook and pull tightly. Sc across the rest of the bra bottom.

Ch 1, turn. Sc across to last sc on the first cup. We will restrain that heaving bosom a third time as follows: push the crochet hook through the last sc on the first cup and through the first sc on the second cup. Pull a loop of accent yarn through both loops tightly. Sc across the rest of the bra bottom and tie off.

To make the tie straps, work the double chain stitch and make a chain 24 inches long.

For the second tie, slip stitch into the other side and work another chain to match.

To make the neck ties with double chain stitch. Make a tie for each cup. Sc into top of cup and make a chain long enough to tie around neck, about 18 inches long.


Double Chain Stitch

The following instructions illustrate how to work the double-chain stitch used for the straps of the bra and (if you choose) the thong as well.

Sc into the top (or side, depending on which set of straps you are working) of the bra cup. Chain two.

Put hook though 1st chain below, pull loop though, then pull another loop though both chains on hook. Repeat for entire length of strap.


Crocheted Heart Motif

The following instructions illustrate how to create the cute heart motifs with which you can decorate the bra and thong.

crocheted hearts
Using the accent yarn, make a slip knot (this counts as the first chain), chain two.

Working in first chain, double-crochet (dc) 5, triple-crochet (tc) 2, dc 4. Chain 2 and end with slip stitch in the 1st chain.  Bury the ends in back. This creates a single heart.

To make a dangling heart: slip stitch, but do not cut the yarn. Chain 10. Use the ends of the yarn to tie the hearts to the bra at the center.

This article shows one possible way to place the hearts on the bra and thong, but feel free to use your creativity to come up with your own designs.


Valentine Thong

Weave four 3-1/2 inch diamonds on the frame loom, and seam them together into a big diamond as shown below.


Now we will create the bottom of the thong.

Fold tip of the seamed diamond long end over for about three-quarters of an inch.  Pin in place.


Pick up five stitches and work sc back and forth until the bottom tab is about three inches long.

Sc 2 together twice. Ch 1 turn, sc 2 together.


Now we will work the back string of the thong. Work a chain until it is about five-to-six inches long (adjust this length to fit).

Chain one inch further then fold back and sc the end of the chain to make a loop. Tie off.

With red work the reverse single crochet stitch around the bikini front of the thong.  Fold in half and work.

Front straps: Sc into side of front panel, as shown then chain 30 and tie off. Repeat on the other side.

Waist strap: With the red accent yarn, chain 32 and tie off.  

(Note: You can work these straps in double chain stitch instead of a simple chain stitch if you prefer a thicker strap.)

Thread the long chain though loop in thong back and tie in bows at the front.

Sew heart motifs at either side of the thong.

Your cute and sexy outfit is complete!


Hazel SpencerHazel Spencer has been playing with yarn for most of her life. She has used looms ranging from cardboard and twigs through inkles and table looms and has lately been struggling to figure out a large floor loom. But her favorite looms have always been those that can be hand held and carried along. She and her husband build a line of frame looms for weavers who share her preference.