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This is where you can find the archived articles from WeaveZine, the one-time online magazine for weavers. WeaveZine is no longer in production, but as weaving is timeless, so is the content within this archive.

Knit 1; Weave 1: Antimacassar

This project came out of a late-night international chat. Rebekkah and I, as well as friends from Canada, Wales, and Australia, get together online to bounce around ideas and generally amuse ourselves. I was talking about my plan for teaming up weavers and knitters to create joint projects for WeaveZine.

Rebekkah and I brainstormed a "silk hankie" project.  Read more >>

Chocolate Mint Swirl

At some point in your weaving life, you discover sample pages.  Typically, a sample page contains a weaving draft, information about the yarn used, and (the best part) a sample of the actual woven fabric.  You can often find them at guild sales, conferences, and de-stash sales. Read more >>

Subdued Glitz

Why not try a fresh, new approach to traditional Overshot, Crackle, and Twill patterns?  Use “Subdued Glitz” to give your handwoven fabrics a hint of sparkle. Subdued Glitz is a term I coined to describe the subtle yet sparkly effect of incorporating a thin metallic thread as the tabby weft in various weave structures. Read more >>

Can You Make One in Blue?

This scarf had its beginning, rather prosaically, in a piece of homework. 

It started as a college assignment to produce a collection of woven items based on an inspiration of my choosing. 

I first selected the interior of St Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in Dundee, then narrowed this down further to a delightful mosaic which portrays the visit of the angel Gabriel to Mary in pre-Raphaelite style. Read more >>

Network Cable Scarf

This scarf arose from my willingness to weave almost anything and my boyfriend’s interest in all things technological. He wondered if we could combine our skills to make a fashionable and functional network cable. This scarf achieves both goals, with an unexpected bonus. After handling and wearing the scarf, it developed into a collapsed weave, probably due to the lack of resiliency in the network cable wires. Read more >>

Weaver-Manipulated Lace Weaves

You can create weaver-manipulated lace weaves with any loom able to weave plain weave.  For this article, I used the Ashford Knitter's Loom, a rigid-heddle loom, to create the four most common weaver-manipulated lace weaves: Leno, Brooks bouquet, Danish medallion, and Spanish lace. Read more >>

Decorate Your Loom

Want to decorate your loom? You’re not alone.  It’s been done by weavers for centuries. Look at photos and drawing of old looms, and you'll see carvings, inlays, stenciling and other embellishments.  Read more >>

Weaving Ergonomics

As a child, I studied accordian and ballet.  In adolescence, I dabbled in track and field and the martial art hapkido.

So when I first arrived at a loom, shuttle in hand, it was with a keen awareness of my body: how it interacts with tools, the necessity of proper positioning, and the need for “drills” in order to develop muscle memory. Read more >>