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Randy Darwall & Brian Murphy Workshop

blanket swatch

Recently I had the good fortune to get into a workshop with Randy Darwall. Read more >>

FOs Make Any Day Better

threading the loom

Today was one of those hard days, when you come home and just need to be alone for a while.  Eric's known me long enough that he actually looked at me and said, "Go, do something with you Read more >>

Yarn for Class!

Damselfly Yarn

This past Thursday I had lunch with Astrid Bear.  If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Astrid, she's witty, fun, friendly, and knows an astounding number of people from many different wa Read more >>

I'm teaching at Sock Summit!

Guess what?  I'm teaching at Sock Summit in Portland!!! Read more >>

Bumps, Lumps, and Roller Derby

Syne and Kai

I’ve been discovering my inner sports fan. Read more >>